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Another war has started in Israel. Most men are drafted quickly in service of their country. While all the grownups are busy being worried, four kids play at an old army base, now empty and unused. One day, the kids find two army deserters hiding in their secret playground. Being the sons and a daughter of military officers, the children know only one way to regain their territory – with ruthlessness. The soldiers make a dire mistake and hold their ground. Soon enough, the fight begins. The two soldiers, who sought refuge from the military fighting, find themselves in another war, which turns to be very dangerous and bloody.

Land of the Little People is an ambitious project by Palestinian film producer Tony Copti and Israeli director Yaniv Berman. Political and uncompromising in its social statement, the story touches at the very core of the Israeli inner conflict. Children growing up in a militaristic society with an everlasting war raging in the background know they have to toughen themselves in order to be prepared for when they are called to serve. Now these children are covered with two soldiers’ blood as their own private war rages in the woods while a “real” war rages in the outside world.



We are a team of enthusiastic professional filmmakers with a track record in the film industry. “Land of the Little People”, our current project, is funded initially with our own investments.

Our mission is to create an uncompromising piece of cinema, one that tells a story that takes the audience to an unsettling journey into the realm of children. This place is not what we are made to believe. Instead, it is chaotic, violent and twisted. When children see the world through the influence of war and militarism, it shapes their way of thinking and drives them to act in a very dangerous way.


director-yaniv-berman-2-by-shimrit-nomdarDirector Yaniv Berman and actor Amit Hechter on the set of Land of the Little People. Photo by Shimrit Nomdar.